Turkeys have been traditional Christmas fayre for some time and although domestic birds have come a long way from the forest wild turkeys of North America it is nice to know your bird has had a good life. With so many turkeys in commercial production it is hard to believe that the wild turkey was near extinction in the 1930s! Turkeys are impressive birds and amazingly have around 5500 feathers, their top flight speed is an incredible 55 mph and they can run up to 25mph, although commercial birds are probably slower due to the desired increase in weight. At Crocadon we have a local producer just a couple of miles away who have fine turkeys for Christmas lunch. www.hunnspoultry.com of Sunningdale Nurseries, St Dominick.  Along with a great a Dining Hall, 12′ Christmas tree, log burning stoves and large oak table to sit 14, Crocadon is the perfect Christmas house. Crocadon not only sleeps 14, but has living space for 14 too!