What better time of year to make a pilgrimage than in the Autumn,  beautiful autumnal colours and fewer holiday makers, Cornwall is a great place to visit at this time of year.  Chaucer’s pilgrims set off from Canterbury, but his contemporary John De Trevisa seemed to prefer Cornwall, in particular Crocadon where he resided for some time.  And when you visit you can see why.

Pilgrim route ‘The Saints’ Way’ stretches from the wild and rugged northern coast at Padstow, right through the heart of Cornwall, to the mellow southern side (at Fowey). The route connects a web of shrines, standing stones, chapels, churches and holy wells that all beg for inspection and reflection. Then there’s the countryside itself, soft valleys, dappled woodland and bleak wind-swept moorland. This was one of the routes the Celtic Christian missionaries and pilgrims took when crossing from Ireland to the continent. It’s a stunning hike by anyone’s standards and can be marched in 2 days but better to take your time and enjoy the sections.